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Apollo 7


How to pair Apollo 7 with my phone?

Why can’t the earbuds be connected to my phone?

Why can’t the earbuds be auto-connected?

Is it necessary to pair both earbuds with my phone?

How many devices can Apollo 7 pair with?

Can Apollo 7 pair with more than 8 devices?

Why does my phone show “Disconnected” after pairing?

Voice / Calls

Can Apollo 7 make & answer phone calls?

How can I answer phone calls?

Why does only one earbud deliver voice during a phone call?

Can the two earbuds be paired with different phones?

What is the talk time on Apollo 7?

Does Apollo 7 has a noise reduction feature?


Why can’t I turn off Apollo 7 while listening to music?

Why does the volume seem to change from time to time?


Is Apollo 7 water resistant?

How to dry and secure a water-exposed Apollo 7?

Can I buy a replacement for my damaged charging case?

Why can’t the earbuds be charged?

Can I buy a replacement for my missing earbud?

What is the battery lifespan of Apollo 7?

Where can I buy Comply foam tips (T-600)?

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