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Erato True Wireless Headphones Buying Guide

Erato True Wireless Headphones Buying Guide

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Breaking free of the wires in your life is like coming home and kicking off your shoes – it just feels good. For music lovers of every type, having a good set of headphones that you really love is super important. Losing the wires while finding a set of headphones you love is an epiphany.

Lucky for you, Erato has come out with a full line of true wireless headphones that give you the freedom to work out, travel, or strut your stuff, without getting tangled in a mess of wires and frustration.


What Are True Wireless Headphones?

It might sound obvious, but true wireless headphones are Bluetooth connected headphones that have no wires. Many headphones like the Panasonic WINGS or Jabra Halo headphones connect to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth, but still have a wire between the two ear pieces. True wireless headphones, like Erato’s line-up, have two separate ear pieces that can be uses together or individually.


Why You Need It

As I found from trying these first hand, once you have a comfortable pair of Bluetooth true wireless headphones, you’ll never go back. The convenience of no wires is just too liberating. When working out, cleaning the house, working at my desk, or doing other hobbies, not having to manage a wire is a convenience that I now appreciate. For example, when going for a jog, I always hated wires flapping around. Now though, I just set them in and forget about them. On the rare occasion I go back to using wired headphones, I consistently find myself frustrated with dealing with wires.



Erato has a full line up of true wireless headphones with price points for every level of music enthusiast. At the entry level, Erato offers the Rio 3 at $99.99. The Muse 5 are the mid-range option, priced at $129.99. On the high end is the Apollo 7, priced at $249.99.


Disclosure: Erato had enough confidence in their headphones that they provided me, the most cynical writer at Ideaing, with the Muse 5 and Apollo 7 for first hand reviews in the past – and I never gave the headphones back. Ideaing carries Erato’s product line in our store, but the reviews and recommendations below are made with complete editorial independence from our commercial side.