ERATO Audio Showcases Exclusive True Wireless Technology at CES Asia 2016

Shanghai, China – May 10, 2016 – Los Angeles-based ERATO Audio Technology is pleased to announce its successful participation in CES Asia 2016 on May 11-13. ERATO shared its focus on exclusive true wireless audio technology at the premier expo. ERATO develops proprietary products and technologies at its sound lab in San Jose, California, including advanced sound conduction, and welcomed CES Asia attendees to experience the latest in true wireless audio excellence and innovation.

The premium ERATO Apollo 7 true wireless headset, on display at CES Asia 2016, has already won a Red Dot Design Award in 2015. ERATO is proud to have developed the Apollo 7, which is the most compact true wireless Bluetooth headset in the world for music and voice with full microphone capabilities integrated. The headset features the smallest dimensions possible for such a product using existing technology and manufacturing techniques. The Apollo 7 has also entered a Kickstarter campaign, gaining much support from backers worldwide. David Kender, Senior Vice President and Editor of visited the ERATO Audio booth and experienced Apollo 7 firsthand. Mr. Kender had this to say about his experiences: “Unlike most Kickstarter backers, I was fortunate enough to actually use these headphones on the CES Asia show floor. Fear not, backers: they’re beautiful, they really work, and they sound pretty good”.