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Apollo 7 FAQs

1How to pair Apollo 7 with my phone?
Turn on an earbud and go into pairing mode by pressing and holding the earbud button for 5 seconds. Your will hear “Power On” via the earbud first and then “Pairing”. Now turn on Bluetooth on your phone and find Apollo 7 under the device list. Pair Apollo 7 with the phone by tapping Apollo 7-L or Apollo 7-R. You will hear “Phone connected” via the earbud. Apollo 7 is ready for use.
2Why can’t the earbuds be connected to my phone?
Check your phone to make sure Bluetooth is on and in scan mode. Also check Apollo 7 to make sure the battery is fully charged.
3Why can’t the earbuds be auto-connected?
This may happen on some devices that require manual connection for security and privacy reasons. Please select Apollo 7 under the Bluetooth device list whenever you want to connect again. A possible fix for this is to remove every other device detected on the scanned list and leave only Apollo 7 as connectible device.
4Is it necessary to pair both earbuds with my phone?
No, but we recommend you do so. Once both are paired, you don’t have to remember which earbud is the one connected to the phone to pick up an incoming call. Either will do.
5How many devices can Apollo 7 pair with?
Apollo 7 can store pairing info for up to 8 devices. However, only 1 of 8 can be activated for use at a time.
6Can Apollo 7 pair with more than 8 devices?
No, Apollo 7 can store pairing info for only up to 8 devices. It can still pair with additional devices, but any beyond the first 8 will replace current pairing info. So device no. 9 will replace device no.1 and so on.
7Why does my phone show “Disconnected” after pairing?
Some devices may stop Bluetooth connection for power saving after a certain period of time without use. All you have to do is tap the earbud button again to restore the connection.
1Can Apollo 7 make & answer phone calls?
Yes, each earbud has a microphone for voice calls as well as Siri and Google voice interaction.
2How can I answer phone calls?
Simply by tapping the button on the earbud connected to your phone, you will pick up an incoming call. If both earbuds are connected to the phone, either one can pick up the call. That’s why we recommend you pair both earbuds with the phone. * During phone calls, volume can only be adjusted via paired device controls, not on Apollo 7
3Why does only one earbud deliver voice during a phone call?
The Bluetooth technology used for phone calls is HFP (Hands-Free Profile), which is defined as supporting only 1 channel (mono). Some locations also have regulations allowing only 1 channel during phone calls for safety reasons.
4Can the two earbuds be paired with different phones?
Yes, each earbud is capable of working independently on different phones. However, if the 2 earbuds are too close to each other, they will establish a new connection, resulting in transmission and sound interference. We recommend keeping them at least 8 feet apart.
5What is the talk time on Apollo 7?
The talk time is 4 hours. Charging the unused earbud during phone calls and switching to it when the current earbud has low battery will give you another 4 hours of talk time.
6Does Apollo 7 has a noise reduction feature?
APOLLO 7 include exclusive echo / noise cancellation technology (Clear Voice Capture , cVc) from CSR. cVc enables greater acoustic design flexibility for a wide variety of environments and configurations as a result of sophisticated noise and echo suppression technology. cVc reduces the affects of noise on both sides of the conversation and smartly adjusts the receive volume levels and dynamically frequency shapes the voice to achieve optimal intelligibility and comfort for the hands-free user.
1Why can’t I turn off Apollo 7 while listening to music?
While playing music, Apollo 7 will go into media player mode and then it can’t be powered off. Please stop or pause music playback, then press and hold the earbud button again to turn off Apollo 7. Apollo 7 also can be powered off using the charging case whenever clicking into place for charging.
2Why does the volume seem to change from time to time?
Each earbud saves the latest volume level used separately for music and phone calls before being turned off. It means 4 volume settings in total, or 2 for each earbud. Whenever Apollo 7 is turned on, each earbud automatically loads the latest volume levels saved. However, the earbud turned on first will be the master. Only the volume levels saved on the master will be used for both earbuds. Therefore, you may notice different volume levels under different circumstances. These are not unexpected or abnormal volume changes.
1Is Apollo 7 water resistant?
Yes, Apollo 7 is water resistant and capable of withstanding a limited exposure to liquids under normal usage, such as sweat and light rain. In the event of falling into water, Apollo 7 requires care before being used in order to prevent damage. Please make sure all components are dry before charging Apollo 7.
2How to dry and secure a water-exposed Apollo 7?
First, wipe the liquid off Apollo 7 with a dry clean cloth. Secondly, use a hairdryer to dry Apollo 7 at 40℃ for 20 minutes, or place Apollo 7 into a cool and dry container with desiccants such as silica gel for 24 hours before using it again.
3Can I buy a replacement for my damaged charging case?
Please contact local retailers or ERATO customer service for more info.
4Why can’t the earbuds be charged?
The earbuds need to be in position to be charged. Whenever you put them back into the case for charging, please always make sure they click into position. The charging case also needs its battery level to be above the pre-defined threshold so as to be able to charge earbuds. Please make sure the charging case is fully charged, or connect it to a power source before charging.
5Can I buy a replacement for my missing earbud?
Please contact local retailers or ERATO customer service for more info. Do note the 2 earbuds of each Apollo 7 set have to be factory synchronized and optimized. This process can only be done at the factory, which is why earbuds are sold in pairs to ensure best performance.
6What is the battery lifespan of Apollo 7?
The battery on Apollo 7 will retain 80% of its designed capacity after 500 charge/discharge cycles.
7Where can I buy Comply foam tips (T-600)?
Please check Comply website for product info: www.complyfoam.com/products/t-600/