True Wireless
Advanced true wireless earphones supporting the latest Bluetooth technology from CSR - no wires whatsoever, even in between the ears.
Our earphones have a built in MEMS omnidirectional microphone for phone calls, and voice activation - compatible with Siri and Google Now.
Water Resistant
All Erato earphones are sweat and water resistant - tested to meet IPX5 standards.
Exceptional Sound
Our earphones are developed with decades of combined audio experience to produce some of the best sounding earbuds its its category.

No Wires. No Limits.

The time of wires is over. True wireless earphones without compromise are finally within reach. We strive to create the best sounding true wireless earphones ever.

Serious Bass.

True wireless earphones designed for extreme use. Packed with up to 6 hours of battery life, Rio 3 is designed to last you your whole day.

3D Surround Sound

Experience 3D surround - a new dimension of music, with ERATOSURROUND.

What Others Think of Us

The Erato Apollo 7 are the best truly wireless earbuds we’ve tested yet.
Erato's Apollo 7 is one of the first pairs of earbuds that actually delivers on the claim of true wireless performance. So when it comes to making those dreams I had as a kid a reality, these earbuds are pretty sweet. 
The Erato Apollo 7 earbuds are a revelation.
For comparison in that fully wireless realm, I pitted the Apollo 7 against the Bragi Dash and Earin, the latter of which also lays claim to being the world’s smallest completely wireless earphones. Of the three, the Apollo 7 had the most reliable connection by a long shot.
As soon as I hit play on the Apollo 7 earbuds I knew these would be new everyday wireless buds.